Frederic Fasano is an accomplished cinematographer with over 20 years of experience working in various genres, settings, and media — from large feature films to experimental art pieces, from studios to the favelas of Rio, from 35 mm to his iPhone — always bringing his distinctive style, innovative solutions, and collaborative attitude.

Frederic started working professionally with images in Milan in 1990 as a still life photographer. In 1996, he added moving images to his portfolio with commercials and fashion shows. In June 1999, while shooting the trailer for the Venice Film Festival, he met Asia Argento with whom he shot his first feature film, the critically–hailed Scarlet Diva. In 2000, he moved to Rome where he started working exclusively as a cinematographer. Over the next eight years, he shot several documentaries, music videos, prime time TV series, and over a dozen features, three of them with internationally–acclaimed maestro, Dario Argento.

Since 2009, Frederic has been based in Brooklyn, NY. His bicultural background (Danish and Italian) and his vast international experience allow him to add unexpected references and unique perspectives to his images.

Frederic meditates daily and recently completed a month–long silent meditation retreat in South Africa.


Frederic is represented by Sara Alexander at Alexander Creatives.


Sara Alexander